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Nutrition for Weight Loss Raising Children - Kompas.c

Nutrition for Weight Loss Raising Children - Kompas.c
                        QUESTION: Mrs. Sari was good, I had a child 13 months old, but weighed only 8 kg. When healthy, my son ate heartily. Drinking milk every time you drink an average of 100 ml and a day can be up 8-9 bottles. Fruit snacks that often I love apples, because he does not like sweets, biscuits while she likes savory savory. I want to ask, why the weight badanya hard to ride, my child is active and is now studying paved the way, so it's rather difficult to eat. Are there any suggestions what should I do? What foods can help improve my child's weight? Thanks (Wiwit, 25, Jakarta) ANSWER: Mrs. Wiwit good, to know the growth of ananda can be measured from the weight and body length, and whether food and nutrients that the mother provided during this enough or not is to check and monitor their growth, namely body weight , high badanya. Mom can check through KMS (Card Towards Healthy) Based Dietary Allowances for Indonesia, the average age of 1-3 years of normal weight of 12 kg and a height of 90 cm. Age 13 months of normal weight of about 9-10 kg. To ananda age of 13 months, based on the weight of the age, current weight ananda including weight kurang.Mengapa hard to ride? There are several things that should be considered. Does eating intake is sufficient in number? Do ananda often experience cough, runny nose or sore? Evaluation of nutrient intake: 100 ml of milk provide 60-70 kcal of energy. So, 8-9 @ 100 ml milk bottles containing 600-700 kcal energy. Other foods such as carbohydrates / energy substances, side dishes, fruit and vegetables should be provided with ample servings for growth and perkembangannya.Yang have to do to catch the mother's weight gain ananda is ensuring energy and nutritional needs are met. The nutritional needs of the age of 1-3 years are as follows: • Energy: 1000 kcal • Protein: 25 grams • Calcium 500 mg • Iron 8 mgNutrisi needed • Carbohydrates: rice / bread / noodles / potato / pasta for energy substances and gives a sense of satiety • Protein: animal side dish (eggs, fish, beef, chicken / duck, cow's milk); vegetable side dishes (tempeh, tofu, green beans, red beans, soy beans, soy milk) for growth, antibodies and endurance • Vitamins and minerals: mature fruits and vegetables are brightly colored as a regulator and protector as well as a source of fiber • Fats for sources of energy and substances to dissolve vitamin A, D, E, K.Jumlah servings recommended per day for ananda: • Rice software: 16-hr • Animal Lauk: 2-3 medium size portion of meat or chicken, fish more or less equal matchbox can be finely chopped, ripe mature • Vegetable Side dishes: 1 serving (tempe and tofu for a matchbox) • Vegetables: 2 servings or 2 medium bowl small -potong • Fruit: 3 servings or 1 medium orange and half bowl papaya slices • milk: 4 cups: @ 150 ml = 600 ml • margarine or oil for sauteing: 1 sdmContoh menu anakBangun sleep 06:00: milk 1 cup 150 mlPagi 07.00: rice is tender scrambled eggs + carrot: 1 cup anakPagi 09.00: papaya slices; ½ mangkokSnack 10:00: milk 1 cup 150 mlSiang 12.00: rice + software + minced chicken vegetable soup; 1 cup anakSnack 14.00; milk 1 cup 150 mlSnack 16.00: 2 children biscuit pieces and lemon juice ½ gelasSore 18.00: soft rice + vegetables and fish fry; ¾ cup anakMalam 20.00: 1 cup milk 150 mlTIPS • The choice of food for toddlers adapted to the new teeth growing and not yet complete and which is not optimal digestion. (Cook vegetables cooked with small pieces, minced meat or chicken is tender not tough, choose ripe fruit and sweet) • Encourage children to eat with the family, given the opportunity to choose their food and feed themselves. • portions of approximately one third of the adult food. • Eat together in a comfortable and pleasant. Respect your child if she does not want to eat. Notes: • It is advisable to make a note of what is eaten ananda and the number of portions every day. Then compared with ajuran meals a day to ensure nutritional needs are met. By ensuring ananda meal with ample servings per day is expected to gain weight, grow up healthy and able to catch up the weight. • When ananda does not want a full meal and the portions lacking kept within 1 week or weight has not increased in the first months should contact a doctor or nutritionist nearby healthy and prosperous .Semoga bermanfaatSalam

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