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Police and TNI Investigate Other Motif Baku Shoot in TMII

Police and TNI Investigate Other Motif Baku Shoot in TMII
Police will cooperate with the Navy Military Police (POM AL) to investigate the possible existence of motives other than a misunderstanding in the shooting of members of the drug unit of East Jakarta Metro Police by members of the unity Armabar Navy in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).
In essence it is true there are incidents of drug-member East Jakarta Police detective whose leg was shot by officers. Well, we see now studying whether these shootings occurred due to misunderstanding or were there other motives. Until now, we still suspect that this motive was a misunderstanding, said Jakarta Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Tito Kar
According to Tito, based on information it receives while, at the same time the shooting took place Brigadier Umar Seno Aji and several members of detective drug East Jakarta Metro Police undercover in carrying out the investigation into the circulation of a city controlled drug methamphetamine.
Simultaneously, Captain EM was in his car around the site. At that time, Brigadier Omar thinks Captain EM is part of a network of drug dealers.
And, he also intends to secure, but it turns out, Captain EM indeed happened to be in that place after the return of TNL AL Intelligence Detachment office on Jalan Kramat Raya, Central Jakarta.
According to him, the incident because it was quite crowded locations and is considered the arrest of drug dealers were the perpetrators of the robber.
Former Papua police chief explained, then a member of the pursuit plainclothes so it is considered the perpetrator robber.
TMII was pretty crowded, there is another car park, well that was considered by the shooting, he feels there are people robber, Why? Because members of these plainclothes detectives, he was carrying a weapon, so then she was told to stop he think this is probably the robber, so she immediately took a shot as well, he said.
Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Information Armabar Navy, Lieutenant Colonel (Sea) Ariris Miftachurrahman explained, approximately 20:30 pm, Captain EM was resting in front of the coffee shop Pencak Silat TMII East Jakarta and ordered a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes.
Then at 21:05 pm, he (Captain EM) return and pay for coffee. When enter the car keys, car door opened suddenly startled by someone and shouting offensive, then he snapped back down, said Ariris Miftachurrahman.
However, because the Captain EM see a friend who came to him many people holding guns, he thought the center was approached by the robber gang car. Furthermore, feeling outnumbered, he ran toward Tamini Square.
As he ran, he heard a burst senpi, then turn right and prepare senpi, he said.
When Captain EM cock the weapon, then there was another hold-armed robbery and a police officer shouting 'alert him armed'. In fact, there is a shot in the direction of Captain EM and misses.
Then, in an atmosphere of remangremang, he returned fire toward the lower part of his body, then there are approximately three friends fell and people came and took refuge in the wagon nasgor Bejo, he said.
Furthermore, members of the shooting fell once again towards the Captain EM. Members of the Navy that also saw two people lying down under a tree.
Then our members aiming more toward those who fell and still shoot. However, at the time of Captain EM aiming his weapon toward the fall, his friends are hiding behind the cart nasgor standing, holding arms up and shouting 'I am the police do not shoot', then reply to shout I am a member, k
Then members of East Jakarta Metro Police ordered to lay down arms. However, Captain EM answered not want to because see approximately four people are still holding the gun. Next, comes a person using a dark color car and claimed Ipda M and ordered to lay down arms.
See Ipda M laid down their arms, and followed his friends and said okay we put down the weapon, then release the AL member magazen and vacate senpi senpi and put into the holster, said Ariris.
Ariris add, Captain EM see her carrying member of the police who were shot, and put in a car Ipda M. Approximately at 21:35 pm, the captain arrived at the hospital EM Haj Dormitory and shot glanced victim's condition.
At that moment, it was discovered that a gunshot wound victim was Brigadier Umar Seno Aji (members sat East Jakarta Police drug), which at the time of the incident was conducting undercover drug transactions with the suspect, he said.
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