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Tea Vs Coffee, Which is Healthier?

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Tea Vs Coffee, Which is Healthier?


kamiDrink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning has become routine a few people. There were noticeably more healthful drink tea, others assume for a moment that drinking coffee make the body more energy. In essence, the 2nd favorite drink is both equally healthful a way that is not the same. The research here in part a result of the advantages and disadvantages of tea and coffee. TehKelebihannya: - Drink 3-4 cups of tea daily can lower the risk of heart disease. - Tea also helps avoid type 1 diabetes and slow the worsening of the disease as has already been exposed. - People who drank black tea four times a day throughout the 6 weeks in the know have levels of the stress hormone cortisol were lower. - Tea contains fluoride which can make protective gear. - Green tea helps create body protection from lung cancer and esophageal cancer. The content of anti-oxidants in green tea can help fight aging. White tea in the know avoid obesity. The drawback: - Tea contain pesticides, even in products labeled organic. - Tea contains tannin in large enough quantities. Tannins reduce the absorption of iron in the body can lead to anemia. - Tea contains caffeine which can be proved may lead to concerns and increase blood insistence. - Providing milk into tea can get rid of the benefits of tea in the fight against cancer.

Shutterstock Except as beverages that can expel sleepiness, coffee also has a series of benefits for beauty.

KopiKelebihanya: - Consuming coffee without sugar can avoid type 2 diabetes - Coffee helps make the protection of the liver, especially from liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. - Routines coffee also lowers the risk of gout in men over 40 years old and growing .. - Coffee helps lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Drinking coffee also increase short period memory and speed of reaction. - Compounds in coffee can be used to make new drugs to treat heart disease and insomnia. - Cafein in coffee also increase the effectiveness of pain medication. The drawback: - Often ngopi make switch gears so yellowish color. - Drink 8 cups of coffee daily increase the risk of miscarriage. - Coffee can also reduce blood flow to the heart. - Kian over 1 000 substances found in coffee, 19 one of them was a carcinogen.

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